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Love playing action-packed games? We've got just the games for you!

From platformers to action-based hypercasual games, the Action game genre is very popular for a good reason. It's a genre that emphasizes physical challenges, including hand-eye coordination, quick reflexes, and reaction time. If you're looking for some action games to play, you've come to the right place!

Join Clash 3D

Takedown villains and the castles they often hide in by gathering as many stickmen to join your group as you can! Avoid obstacles and recruit new stick figures to join your team as you charge towards the enemy.

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Giant Rush!

If you love IO games, you'll surely have heard of or even played where you gobble up food pellets and grow your snake? Well, Giant Rush! works with a similar gameplay but instead of snakes, it's stick figures... and of course, there's a twist - you can only gobble up stickmen of the same color.

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Drop Stack Ball - Fall Helix Blast Crash 3D

Play as a ball and smash your way through stacks of rings to the end in this insanely addictive hypercasual action game. There's a catch here though - you mustn't crash into the black areas on the rings since they are apparently harder than diamond and will crush your ball instead. Can you make it to the end? Put your reflexes to the test now!

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Venom Angry Crashy Rush Online

If you love playing and want to play another game that's almost exactly like the one you've enjoyed, you can't get any closer than Venom Angry Crashy Rush Online. Consume glowing lights to grow your snake and take out your enemies so you can dominate the arena!

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Jelly Shift - Obstacle Course

Love playing runners? How about playing one that comes with a twist? Instead of simply running, you'll need to shapeshift to get your wobbly jelly through various obstacles as quickly as you can lest you ended up splat on the wall.

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Cannon Balls 3D

Let out some of that pent up anger by blasting blocks with your powerful cannon! Show those blocks who's boss with the fewest number of moves to get the highest score. What score will you get?

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Fire Balls 3D

How about we see your Cannon Balls and raise you a fire ball? Burn through the towers' foundations and topple the tower of blocks in this surprisingly strategic hypercasual game. Be careful not to hit the shields though!

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Helix Stack Jump: Fun & Free

This game is very similar to Drop Stack Ball in its gameplay. After all, in this game, you control a bouncing ball and the goal is to smash through all the ring stacks - only through the breakable parts, of course - to reach the bottom.

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Chicken Shooter: Galaxy Attack New Game 2021

Chicken aliens are attacking Earth and you're the only one to save the planet and everyone living on it. How will you fare in this thrilling, action-packed arcade shooter?

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Super Kong Jump - Monkey Bros & Banana Forest Tale

Help Super Kong rescue his kidnapped beloved in this platforming adventure! Jump across gaps, fight enemies, and avoid dangerous obstacles as you traverse several different biomes.

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Hopping Santa

Love playing Flappy-like games? Hopping Santa might just be right up your alley! Try guiding Santa and his sleigh through a forest of candy canes while trying your best to not crash. Can you save Christmas?

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Icy Run

Icy the Penguin needs to get back home but he needs your help! Use your icy powers and draw ice paths that Icy can slide on. Help him travel through various locations in hopes of finally seeing his family again at the North Pole. Can you help?

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Egg Up

Egg Up is a reflex-based hypercasual game where you'll need to bounce an egg up a pole using the racquets embedded into the pole. It's a game that's easy to grasp but hard to master! How far up can you go?

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Hope you'll be able to find an action game that you'll like to play here! If not, don't worry - we've got plenty more genres for you to browse through instead.

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