Super Kong Jump - Monkey Bros & Banana Forest Tale

Super Kong Jump - Monkey Bros & Banana Forest Tale large
Join the monkey king on an epic adventure to restore peace to his home, the Flower Fruit Mountain!

SunWuKong, or more popularly known as the Monkey King, has always been one of the most iconic mythical characters of Chinese culture, and in Super Kong Jump - Monkey Bros & Banana Forest Tale, you'll get to join him as he sets off on yet another epic adventure - this time to save his beloved homeland, the Flower Fruit Mountain, from the evil the shrouded it.

Thankfully, he won't be taking on the powerful enemies without any aid. The dragon king has heard of his plight and decided to grant him his fireball power, This allows the monkey king to literally shoot fireballs at his enemies, a skill that would prove to be incredibly useful to have.

The action-platformer gameplay here is fairly straightforward, especially if you've played Mario before. Each level comes with its own challenges and rewards and you'll need to safely guide the Monkey King through it all. There are vital items that you'll want to collect, such as coins and peaches. There are even bricks that the monkey king can break simply by jumping into it using his head to reveal more special rewards.

As a platformer, there are also many gaps that you'll need to jump across safely. Some may even require perfect timing, especially when moving platforms are involved. You'll encounter many enemies that bear ill-will against the monkey king himself as well. Luckily, with the fireball power in hand, the monkey king can easily best his enemies... that is as long as you have enough "ammunition" to hurl said fireballs.

At certain points in the game, you'll even encounter bosses that are more difficult to defeat. These bosses usually have patterns to their attacks and movements and by careful observation, you should be able to identify the best times to strike and the best times to retreat.

The game isn't too harsh on mistakes though! Each playthrough gives you 10 generous lives to spend with more to earn along the way. For a platformer, that's more than the usual 1 or 3 lives you'd get.

So, in a nutshell, Super Kong Jump - Monkey Bros & Banana Forest Tale is the sort of fun yet challenging platformer that fans of Mario would love. The game's perfect for young and old players alike and the joy of being able to help the monkey king save his homeland is a nice added bonus. Play the game and save the Flower Fruit Mountain from evil now!

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