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Enjoy this top-of-the-line casual game that you simply won’t be able to get enough of no matter how much time you sink into it.

Egg Up is a thoroughly entertaining casual game that we highly recommend getting into as the game is built around a really unique concept that makes for truly interesting and engaging gameplay. We’ve had our share of experience with quite a few stellar casual games over the years but this one manages to stand out from the crowd both in terms of concept and execution which is why we highly recommend giving it a shot if you ever get the chance.

The core gameplay of Egg Up is level-based and each level revolves around somehow bouncing the egg all the way up to the top. In order to bounce the egg, you’ll have to rotate the platform around so it hits the paddles on the way and gets propelled upwards and, in this manner, it’ll be up to you to ensure that the egg gets to the top without falling down. The gameplay might sound fairly simple but it’s certainly challenging and, of course, quite enjoyable as well so there’s no doubt that the gameplay is going to have you thoroughly entertained for as long as you play the game.

The graphics of Egg Up are stellar as well. The game features fairly well-detailed 3D graphics that are packed with detail and are then brought to life via a vibrant and lively color scheme that does not leave a thing to be desired. There’s quite a lot to like about this game’s graphics and, alongside the superb gameplay, they make for a truly engrossing experience.

Overall, Egg Up is easily one of the most intriguing casual games we’ve tried in quite some time which is why we urge players to give it a shot.

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