Chicken Shooter: Galaxy Attack New Game 2021

Chicken Shooter: Galaxy Attack New Game 2021 large
Save the human race from extermination by the aliens in this action-packed arcade game

Strap on your pilot seat belt for Chicken Shooter: Galaxy Attack New Game 2021, a blood-pumping sci-fi action arcade game. An alien race from outer space is threatening to invade our galaxy and wipe out all living creatures here, and you are the only hope left to stop them. Armed with humanity’s greatest weapon yet, you will pilot one of the most powerful ship to take the threat head-on, and destroy the alien invaders!

The mechanics of Chicken Shooter: Galaxy Attack New Game 2021 is not too complicated, and will probably be familiar to those who have played 2D vertical shooter games in the past. As you enter a new level, you will be greeted with swarms of enemies, which may look harmless initially due to their appearances, but will immediately begin bombarding you with deadly pellets and bombs. However, you are not powerless yourself, as the starship’s guns are weaponized to blast away the enemies automatically within sight.

As it goes, you are a one-man army against a legion of the alien forces. You will be sitting ducks if you stay still in one position for too long, so do your best to weave through enemy fire like a butterfly, and take out as many of them as you can. There are a bunch of special power-ups that will greatly increase your ship’s fighting capabilities, so make sure to grab them when you see them floating around in space! After all, you are going to need all the help you can get against the seemingly endless swarm of alien invaders.

All in all, Chicken Shooter: Galaxy Attack New Game 2021 provides an enthralling experience of what a 2D vertical shooter arcade game should be. With its fluid animations and immersive graphics, this one is definitely at the top when it comes to recommendations for fast-paced, action-packed games.

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