Icy Run

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Help guide Icy the penguin back to his family in the South Pole in this fun yet challenging hypercasual game!

Icy the penguin wanted to see the world and decided to set off on an exciting adventure by leaving the South Pole. Unfortunately for him, he found himself stranded on dry land, the only place he couldn't survive in. Can you help him get back home to his family?

Icy Run is super easy to get into. You just need to draw ice paths using the icy power you wield. Icy will then slide across the path you drew to move on to the next scene on his journey back to the South Pole.

However, there are several caveats. For instance, you mustn't let Icy fall to the ground for any reason. There are dangerous creatures, such as turtles and sharks, along the way as well and it's best to avoid them.

Your icy power isn't limitless, however, and at one point, you'll realize that you'll want to conserve it as much as you can. Thankfully, you can replenish it by picking up ice cubes along the way. There are also popsicles that you can collect to earn some extra points. If you're looking to go further, you'll want to grab speed boosts, in the form of helpful dolphins, as much as you can. If you can chain them up, you can more easily sped through multiple scenes and send Icy back to his homeland a lot faster.

To sum up, Icy Run is the perfect hypercasual game that anyone can play, whether you're young or old; experienced gamer or a first-timer. Give it a try now and help Icy make his way back home to his family in the South Pole!

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