Fire Balls 3D

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Unleash the cannon and bring down the mighty tower in this exhilarating arcade game that is sure to impress

Fire Balls 3D is an immensely satisfying and innovative arcade game that sees you controlling a cannon at the base of a hulking tower. Blast away with all your might and cut the tower down to size! Practice your timing and show off your precision skills to win the levels! This game features simple yet highly addictive gameplay that is sure to keep its players coming back for more.

The mechanics of Fire Balls 3D is pretty straightforward and easy to grasp right off the bat. Basically, your objective is to use a powerful cannon and blow away pieces of a tall tower and bring it all the way to the ground. You can only shoot at the lowest plate of the tower, and there is a constantly revolving shield that surrounds the base of the tower. Watch out not to shoot the shield or it is game over for you.

Succeed in bringing down the tower entirely and you will be able to proceed to the next stage. The controls are pretty standard and you simply have to tap to fire a shot. Of course, the really satisfying part is to fire a volley of cannonballs in a row to take out a bunch of tower plates, but it is a risky move if you do not keep an eye out for the revolving shields!

In terms of graphics, the game does not bring anything too spectacular to the table, but its creative level designs and lively colors are really easy on the eyes and will is great for hooking players into the game. The smooth animations and frame rates also help with the overall immersion, coupled with the satisfying feel of blasting away a towering plate with a powerful cannon blast.

All in all, Fire Balls 3D is certainly one of the better arcade games that deliver in terms of exciting and addictive gameplay. With its massive number of levels and seemingly endless gameplay, this one is highly recommended for all arcade game lovers!

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