Giant Rush!

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Play this incredibly captivating stickman-style casual game in which it’ll be up to you to grow as much as you possibly can.

Giant Rush! is a truly unique and highly creative stickman-style game built for players who want a fun, addicting, and engaging casual experience that they can enjoy for countless hours every single day. We’ve tried out many great casual games over the years but, in terms of concept and execution, this one is easily among the most unique ones we’ve had the pleasure of trying out which is why it’s a game that we recommend for everyone out there who’s on the lookout for a no-compromises casual experience.

The gameplay of Giant Rush! is level-based and, in each level, it’ll be up to you to navigate your stickman through the track and collect identically colored stickmen in order to grow in size. Your color might change as you go through the levels and you’ll have to change the stickmen you collect accordingly. At the end of each level, you’ll face off against a boss that you must defeat and your chances of winning will increase based on how big you are. Overall, the core gameplay experience offered by this game is nothing short of delightful and is more than capable of having anyone hooked for quite some time.

As far as the visuals are concerned, Giant Rush! definitely manages to deliver on this front. The game’s levels take place in expertly designed environments that are packed with stunning detail, all the stickmen in the game look highly detailed, the colors of the game are vibrant, and all the animations are buttery smooth so the game is certainly a treat to look at.

Giant Rush! is, overall, a stellar casual game that impresses in every possible way which is why you simply must give it a shot if you get the chance.

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