Hopping Santa

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Help Santa deliver presents to all the good kids in this challenging Christmas-themed Flappy Birds-like game!

It's Christmas time and Santa is busy delivering presents to all the good kids before the festive day is over, but unfortunately, he found himself trapped in a weird though dangerous candy cane forest in the skies, and he needs your help!

In Hopping Santa, you need to help Santa make his way safely through the candy canes by tapping. If you've played any flappy games before, the game is very similar in terms of the gameplay, but even if you don't, it's really easy to get into.

All you need to do is to keep tapping to keep Santa afloat and stop tapping whenever you want Santa to fall. The goal here is to help Santa safely go through the narrow gaps in between the candy canes and not crash his sleigh into any of the candy canes. Of course, you don't want Santa to plummet to the ground either.

Since the game is endless, your high score will indicate how good you are at the game. The better you do in this game, the higher score you'll get. You can play the game as many times as you like to beat your last high score. You can even challenge your friends just so you get to compare scores. Who knows who will end up on top?

Although it's no longer the magical month, the Christmas theme will still be able to bring a smile to your face as you play the game. After all, the Christmas cheer can light up anyone's day even if it's in the middle of summer.

All in all, Hopping Santa is a fun tapping-based hypercasual game that is perfect for anyone looking for a challenge. The game is difficult, but it only makes every new high score you get so much more of an accomplishment! How well will you do? Give it a try and find out!

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