Kitchen Puzzle

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Don on your chef’s hat and work hard to become the best chef in this fun puzzle game

Get ready for an all-new kitchen-themed puzzle game where you strive to become the world’s greatest chef in Kitchen Puzzle. Start from scratch as a simple dishwasher, and work your way to the top with passion and determination. Put your observation skills to the ultimate test and see if you can survive till the end!

The mechanics of Kitchen Puzzle is slightly unique and quite fun to learn. Basically, your goal is to match the related items together to clear the level. You will be given a seemingly random assortment of items, and it is your job to put them together in a way that makes sense. For example, if you see a strawberry drawn on one side and see a bottle of strawberry jam on the other side, you’ll have to click on the strawberry and match the lint with the bottle to make the right matches. By matching the correct items using logic and critical thinking, you will be able to proceed to more challenging levels and finally realize your dream of becoming an awesome chef!

When it comes to things in the kitchen, like utensils and food, the game may get more and more complex as you continue to play. However, that is what makes this game even more interesting and challenging as a puzzle game. The visuals of the game are also quite decent thanks to the sleek animations that the game has to offer which make the overall experience a lot more pleasant.

All in all, Kitchen Puzzle certainly cooks up an addictive gameplay that will keep its players hooked to it for hours on end. For those who are into puzzle games, this is definitely one that is highly recommended to try out for themselves!

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