How to Go Further in Icy Run?

How to Go Further in Icy Run? large
Here are some helpful tips to help you go even further in Icy Run!

Icy Run is a fun, path-drawing hypercasual game whereby you get to help Icy the Penguin makes his way back home to the South Pole by using your ice power to draw paths of ice for him to slide on.

The game is super easy to grasp and get into but to master it, you might need to have good reflexes - and plenty of practice! - as well as a steady hand, or in case you're playing the game on mobile, a steady finger instead.

To help, we've come up with some helpful tips that might hopefully help you go further in your Icy Run journey!

Collect ice cubes

#1 Drawing your ice paths optimally
It’s easy enough to just swipe your finger or mouse cursor from one end of the screen to the other to slide Icy along to the next scene, but that's unfortunately not the "optimal way".

At one point, especially once you reach the later levels, you’ll quickly realize that you'll be using up your ice power much faster than you can replenish it. So, if you're aiming to go further, you'll want to conserve your ice power and draw your ice paths more optimally.

The best way to do so is to keep the path short and sweet. You should also try drawing the paths with a slightly upwards-pointing end just so you can "hurl" the penguin slightly upwards, keeping him airborne for much longer, and hence, you can help him go further.

Of course, conserving your ice power can only do so much to extend your path-drawing powers. this is why you should collect as many ice cubes as you can along the way as well.

Avoiding sharks

# 2 Avoid danger at all costs
Sharks and turtles are dangerous to Icy the penguin in this game. Although the effects of the turtle or shark on either Icy’s rolling speed or on your ice power meter aren’t very long-lasting, the effects can be pretty damaging in the long run.

The best way to avoid them is by drawing your ice paths in such a way that you can launch Icy over the creatures or under them.

Your reflexes will be important here as well since you might be caught unaware by one of these creatures as Icy moves from one scene to another. This is especially true if Icy is speed-boosted. If you can react quickly enough, you should be able to avoid these creatures fairly easily.

Chaining up speed boosts

#3 Chaining up speed boosts
Personally, I would only recommend this technique to the more advanced players in Icy Run, mainly because of how fast the game goes once you managed to master the art of chaining up speed boosts.

If you don't know, dolphins in the game will give Icy a very nice speed boost, allowing him to speed through multiple scenes much like the Flash, without much help from your end. This saves you a ton of ice power as well.

The trick here is to ignore everything else that is collectible and focus on getting the dolphins. Of course, you'll still want to avoid dangers along the way.

However, this little trick also depends on your luck. Sometimes, you can get a chain of dolphins pretty easily, but other times, you might still need to draw paths and help get Icy to the next scene, hoping that there will be a dolphin there for you to collect.

Hopefully, these tips are helpful enough to get you progressing much further in Icy Run than you've been before, and naturally, rack up those high scores!

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