Find the Differences 750+

Find the Differences 750+ large
Dive headfirst into a vast mix of spot-the-difference puzzles with Find the Differences 750+

Get ready to tackle a whole ton of challenging spot-the-difference puzzles in Find the Differences 750+. Engross yourself in the vividly detailed pictures and train your eyes to catch on to any minute discrepancies between two seemingly identical HD pictures! Filter through an array of gorgeous pictures easily and choose from an assortment of varying themes at which level you want to play.

The mechanics of Find the Differences 750+ is very straightforward, to begin with. Basically, your goal is to find all the subtle differences that exist between the two pictures presented to you. Although you are technically given unlimited time to play each level, your performance is gauged with “medals” depending on how quickly you are able to clear the level. This ranges from a Gold medal for the best performance, to a Silver one and then a Bronze one.

However, you must not be hasty when it comes to tapping randomly on the screen. The game will actually penalize you if you guessed incorrectly, and you can only get a maximum of 3 misses before it is game over. So, make sure you actually got the right spot to avoid starting all over from the beginning. Of course, there is also the satisfaction of clearing a level with a shiny Gold medal!

In terms of graphics, Find the Differences 750+ does have its share of beautiful, high-quality pictures featuring all kinds of themes that the player may find appealing. Additionally, you can also feel the beat with the cool, catchy techno-like music as you play the game.

All that being said, Find the Differences 750+ is certainly a great spot-the-difference game that is chocked full of interesting pictures and challenging level designs. It is not a wonder that this game should be recommended for puzzle game lovers!

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