New Features on the Monstera Games Platform

New Features on the Monstera Games Platform large
Here’s a heads-up for our new and improved features on the Monstera Games Platform!

Since the launch of the Monstera Games Platform, we have been striving continuously to update its functionality and provide our partners with a better experience when embedding HTML5 games.

Games Filtering by Labels

The search for HTML5 games for your website could prove to be a little challenge in and of itself. That is why we have worked hard to improve our partners’ ability to search for games which are more suited for their needs.

With the “Labels” section, you can simply search for a desired label (ie. merge, idle, casual, and so on), and all the games with such labels would appear in the results. This should definitely help you narrow down the games to what you are looking for specifically.

”My Games” Filter

My Games

While you’re busy adding new embeddable games, it is easy to lose track of games which you may or may not have added before. This is why we have created a helpful feature for that particular reason!

Using the “My Games” filter, you can easily keep track of which games you have already added prior to this by noting the “Game Added” green check mark on the top left side of the game icon.

Trending Games

Trending Games

If you’re ever in doubt on what games you want to add next, we have you covered. After some adjustments and redesigns, our “Trending” column is now better than ever!

Simply tap on the “Trending” button at the top row to discover which of our games are really hitting it off, and you can add those to your site as well.

As always, we are very excited to bring more updates in the future that will greatly enhance our partners’ experience with our Monstera Games Platform. We look forward to your continued support and a long and healthy partnership. Kindly follow the link If you would like to review on how to use the Monstera Games Platform. And if you have a great idea for new games, contact your account manager or [email protected].

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