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Train your power of observation by looking for hidden objects!

Hidden object games have always been a favorite genre among the casual and midcore players. If you're looking for fun hidden object games to play for free, we might just have a couple to recommend!

1: Little Shop of Treasures

Little Shop of Treasures is a top-notch game that, as the name suggests, takes place in a shop that’s filled with rare treasures. The game has tons upon tons of cleverly placed objects for you to find and it offers a hint button that you can fall back on as well. It’s worth highlighting that, in order to unlock new levels, you’ll need to complete your current level in five minutes or less.

Play now: https://www.hiddenobjectgames.club/play/little_shop_of_treasures

2: Hiddentastic Mansion

Hiddentastic Mansion is an exceptional game in which you play the role of someone who’s bought a new mansion with lottery winnings and is now on a quest to renovate the entire place. Your renovation journey will require you to find objects and, throughout this journey, you might even end up finding some rare items that can be sold off for additional cash that can then be used on the mansion.

Play here: https://www.hiddenobjectgames.club/play/hiddentastic_mansion

3: Find the Difference 750+

Find the Difference 750+ isn't exactly a hidden object game but the gameplay is pretty similar. In this game, you'll need to compare two similar-looking images to find 5 differences. Can you find all the differences?

Play now: https://www.monsteraplay.com/articles/find_the_difference_750

4: Pirates and Treasures

Pirates and Treasures is definitely among the most thematically exciting games on this list because there are definitely few people around the world who don’t enjoy a good pirate treasure hunting setting. The setting comes with some absolutely spectacular gameplay as well, though, so this is definitely a full-fledged experience worth getting into.

Play here: https://www.hiddenobjectgames.club/play/pirates_and_treasures

5: Circus Adventures

The thing that makes Circus Adventures worth looking into is the fact that, alongside the standard hidden object gameplay, it also features moments in which players have to locate numbers and, alongside this, there’s a spot the difference mini-game as well.

Play now: https://www.hiddenobjectgames.club/play/circus_adventures

6: Hidden Toys

Hidden Toys is a game that offers pretty much exactly what the name implies. The game consists of many different kinds of creatively hidden objects that players will have to find and it’s definitely among the harder games on this list because it actually penalizes players for incorrect clicks. This is the game to check out if you want a more challenging experience.

Play now: https://www.hiddenobjectgames.club/play/hidden_toys

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