Unblock Ball - Block Puzzle

Unblock Ball - Block Puzzle large
Give your brain a nice little workout with this fun puzzle game, Roll N' Ball!

Want to give your brain a good workout without completely wearing it out? Well, you'll want to play this puzzle game then!

Unblock Ball - Block Puzzle is a fun classic puzzle game where the objective is to help the ball move from the blue tile to its destination on the red tile. To do so, you'll need to create a clear path for it by sliding the path tiles around. By arranging the path tiles properly, you can then roll the ball to its final goal.

The gameplay is actually very similar to the classic pipe puzzle that you may have played before, but even if you have no such experience, the game is really easy to grasp and the puzzles do start off super easy just to ease you in.

Of course, as you play, the difficulty of the puzzles increases, and the game will introduce new interesting mechanics to challenge you, such as unmoveable tiles that you can rotate instead. If you need to, there's a hint button that you can use if you ever get stuck in a level.

If you want to clear a level with 3 stars though, you'll want to focus on using all the stars-containing path tiles. This definitely ramps up the challenge of the game by a fair bit, but it's not exactly a compulsory aspect of the game.

That being said, I do need to point out that if you don't get enough stars, you might not be able to unlock the next level pack. The game comes with 4 level packs you see and only by completing the previous level pack with a good enough "grade" will you be able to play the other, more challenging puzzles.

The wood aesthetic looks great here, and as someone who has a penchant for "woodsy" stuff, I can honestly say that I love how the game looks. The music is fitting too. It's not too obnoxious so as to distract you from solving the puzzles.

All in all, Unblock Ball - Block Puzzle is a fun little sliding puzzle game that is perfect to play during those idle times on the bus or train, or even in between meetings. Give your brain a little workout and start playing Unblock Ball - Block Puzzle today!

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