Monstera Games Platform: Get Free HTML 5 Games for Your Website

Monstera Games Platform: Get Free HTML 5 Games for Your Website large
Are you looking for free games for your website? We’ve got just the thing – Introducing the Monstera Games Platform!

In this day and age, creating a new website is incredibly easy. After registering a domain name, you just a few clicks of the mouse on a website builder which coincidentally can also be your hosting provider, pop in a few pieces of content to start, and you’re technically ready to launch!

Needless to say, that’ll likely just net you a rather basic site with minimal features added. What you then need to do now is to spruce it up a bit by adding more content, so that when those first few users visit your site, they have more stuff to engage with, that’ll make them want to stay a while longer.

When it comes to getting your website “out there”, besides search engine optimization, which would help new users find your site through search engines like Google, user engagement is a very close second place, but this doesn’t mean it is any less important! It doesn’t really matter what your site is, whether an e-commerce site, a blog, a media website, or a business website, everyone’s goal is to have as many eyeballs on their site and for as long as possible… and that’s engagement in a nutshell.

However, this is, of course, easier said than done.

Crafting the perfect content strategy takes a whole lot of time, money and effort, things that might not be as readily available if you’re just starting out, even if you do everything yourself. There are only 24 hours in a day, after all, and you do need your downtime and your sleep!

This is where embeddable games can help!

Why Do You Want to Add HTML 5 Games to Your Website?
By simply adding a games page on your site and adding iframe games that resonate with the type of users you usually get on your website, you can easily increase engagement among your users by folds and also even add a spark of joy to your users’ lives since these games are typically very easy to hop into and can be addictively entertaining.

Everyone - even grannies! - loves playing some games now and then, and who knows? Maybe, once they are happy, they might want to stick around a bit more, browse around, and maybe even finally make that purchase that they have been holding off for months.

That’s not all, these games are completely free to play but they do come with in-game ads that will pop up now and then as your users play the games. These ads revenue generated from the in-game ads are then shared between the developer or the distributor of those games and publisher – that’s you!

After all, who doesn’t want some extra revenue on top of increasing their site's user engagement?

Introducing the Monstera Games Platform

The Monstera Games Platform

One of the top emerging HTML 5 game developers, Monstera Games, have recently unveiled their brand-new platform where website owners and publishers like you can get free games for your site – introducing the Monstera Games Platform!

Created in partnership with Google, the Monstera Games Platform, or MGP for short, houses over 100 unique and fun HTML 5 games that are can be played by your users for free and are designed to work on any web browser across all devices… and yes, that includes on mobile phones and tablets, the most popular way the world browse the internet.

What’s So Special About the Monstera Games Platform?
There are hundreds, if not thousands, of games sites that offer just the same things – embeddable games that you can put on your website to generate more revenue, so you might be wondering… what makes the Monstera Games Platform so special?

Well, for starters, it is created in collaboration with Google. Powered by Google’s AdSense for Platforms, the Monstera Games Platform is able to tap into Google’s AdSense system, allowing you to integrate advanced ads monetization natively across your system. Since everything ads-related is done by AdSense, you can also set your ads preferences and analyze the reporting via your own AdSense account. There’s no need for messy monthly email-based reporting or unnecessary spreadsheets that weren’t updated as often as they should be.

Not to mention, unlike some embed games platforms where the ad revenue reporting isn’t as transparent and that you might feel as though you’re being shortchanged, you can rest assured that everything you earn here is correct since it’s Google who’s facilitating the ad revenue payments… and not us!

Last but not least, the Monstera Games Platform features unique and exclusive embed games for your website that you won’t be able to find anywhere else, except on the developers’ own sites. A hundred games and counting, they come in many different genres and themes, catering to players of all ages and tastes. You can simply pick the games for your site based on what you understand about your website’s audience and start embedding those games.

Over 100 exclusive HTML 5 games that you can embed on your website

Want to Start Adding Our Games to Your Site?
Signing up is almost as easy as setting up a brand-new website! All you need to do is to fill out the form here: and wait while we review your application. The reviewing process is typically fast, but in case we’re swamped with applications, it’ll take 72 hours at most.

Once you’re approved, you'll just need to set up your new account with us on the Monstera Games Platform and take a quick look at the short tutorial video which would teach you how to start adding games to your site... and well, actually start embedding these games!

You can almost see those extra revenue and increased engagement rolling in already - sign up today!

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