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Match delicious sugary treats in this fun match-3 adventure game, Candy Blast: Sugar Mania!

Set off on an exciting adventure through Candyland while matching delicious sugary treats in this fun match-3 adventure game, Crazy Candy Blast!

If you've played Candy Crush Saga before, you'll definitely be familiar with the gameplay to get started. Even if not, the game is, like all match-3 games, super easy to get into and incredibly addictive once you are a couple levels in.

The game features many colorful candies that you'll then need to match into groups of threes in order to collect them. If you manage to group them into fours, or better yet, fives, then you'll be rewarded with special candies that come with special powers. They include the wrapped candies that explode and blow up a bunch of candies around it, striped candies that clear entire rows or columns of candies when matched, and gummy bears that will randomly clear away two candies on the board. You can even combine them to get a much greater effect.

Each level comes with specific objectives to complete and a limited number of moves to complete them. If you can clear all the objectives with the fewest moves possible, then you can earn up to 3 stars per level. There's no real benefit to earning stars in this game however, except maybe for bragging rights.

As you progress, the game gets increasingly challenging by introducing various obstacles that you'll need to overcome or unique objectives to complete. Instead of just collecting an X number of candies, you may be asked to cover all the tiles with jellies, or even break sugar squares or locked sweets.

If you failed a level, you'll then lose a life. You are given 4 lives to start with and once all are gone, you'll have to wait before you can play some more. Thankfully, lives regenerate pretty quickly here so you can hop back in for a game or two really soon.

But of course, to help with some of the tougher levels, the game provides you with power-ups that you can use in-game as well as boosters that you can bring along with you prior to entering a new level. Depending on need, you might need to tap into one or the other, or even both, in order to clear some of the harder challenges.

Besides being helpful, the game is super generous too! Not only will you get free coins by logging in daily via the Daily Bonus, you can also spend those free coins to get free power-ups and boosts by visiting the Bonus Spin. Of course, you'll also get a free spin every day, so make sure to log in at least once a day!

Crazy Candy Blast starts you off in Sweet Tooth City, but as you play, you'll be able to unlock and travel to new locations in Candyland. There are plenty of levels to play and chill music to listen to while you're doing so, so just sit back and enjoy the fun!

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