Tips for Playing Strike Galaxy 2021

Tips for Playing Strike Galaxy 2021  large
The recent release of Strike Galaxy 2021 has recruited a lot of Arcade Game enthusiast into fighting invading Alien Chickens from outer space. But just like in many other Arcade Shooters, here are some important suggestions that can help you master the game.

The video game Arcade Shooter was one of the earliest game genres to gain worldwide acceptance and popularity. Originating from video games going way back to the 1970's like Gun Fight (1975), Sea Wolf (1976) to both Space Invaders and Galaxian (1979) and the multitude of Arcade game scrolling shooters that followed in the successive years, these games have become household names a hundred times over. Today in 2021, Pikoya has launched Strike Galaxy Attack 2021 a game reminiscent of the original 2D shooter gaming style. Just like Galaga with waves of enemies coming in for attack in all different directions and movements, you will have to control your lone star fighter to deal with the alien threats. In this case Space Chickens. If you've played any of the aforementioned arcade space shooters, you will feel right at home with Strike Galaxy. It will just be up to you, your dedication and determination if you really want to win the game. There is no single step by step method when playing theses kind of games as your opponents usually behave in response to your moves so you will have to learn what you can while playing it.

Here are a few generalized pointers however that can help you in understanding the ins and the outs of the Strike Galaxy game play which you can apply to other arcade game wave-shooters as well.

Have a lot of patience to study the game as you play it. Study how the game executes it's moves, the patterns of the incoming waves of chickens and how they react to the moves you make. You may have to repeat the game levels over and over again until you are able to memorize how the game really works like where the enemies will appear and the way they will move and position themselves. You will have to remember the various object pick-ups like coins and power-ups and the effects they will have on your fighter and weapons. Keep in mind that your weapons fire automatically. With this, you will be able to adjust your movements to deal maximum damage to your opponents. Also, trying to remember each enemy unit and how they behave, attack or retaliate will give you an advanced insight on how to deal with them next time you meet.

As you have the option to change your fighter, you can also take the time to observe the advantages and disadvantages of doing this. Whether it makes a huge or miniscule difference, learning how to take advantage of these may make a big impact on your game play. Sometimes a simple change of color can affect how you physically view the game screen and it's contents which can make your game a lot harder or a lot easier depending on the level of comfort that you have.

Strike Galaxy Arcade Game Play

Second, practice makes perfect. Should you have the patience and resolve to beat and complete the game or break someone else's record aside from your own, then you need to strive to develop your game play skill. You will have to work on yourself to gain the ability needed to master and tame the game. Many arcade champions in the past did this by spending a lot of time (and coins) on an arcade machine playing it over and over until they became skillful enough to beat the game or break the score. In gaining Arcade Gaming skills (as well as any other skill set) the golden rule continues to stand. Constant practice makes perfect.

Third, mastery of focus and attention. Playing a 2D multiple movement arcade shooter demands the player's total and complete concentration. A single mistake may mean starting all the way from zero. It is best to keep in mind that all the points or tips in playing the game (or any game for that matter) are somehow all intertwined with each other. They all play a role in the player being able to win the game. When one patiently studies the game (up close and personal), paying close attention to the things happening on the play field whether it be the ever changing (though patterned) locations of the enemy chickens and their projectiles coming your way while trying to burn these info into your brain somehow, demands a lot of focus. Everything happens fast and reacting with the controls as quickly as possible would be one's top most priority. Also, unlike writing, watching a movie or playing turned based strategy where you can sip a cup of warm aromatic coffee every now and then, it's just not a proper thing to do in the middle of shooting down a horde of space chickens.

Finally, keep in mind that you are playing a game and though you have to take it seriously you certainly don't have to overdo it! You've got to learn to flow with the tide. Some people get it right away and some are slow learners but if you are really determined to beat that Chess game which has made fun of you for the Nth time, sooner or later your eureka event will arrive. Apply all the tips given above and put them to practice while playing Strike Galaxy 2021 (or Galaxian, Galaga and any other shooter arcade game of the same or similar nature) and, you will soon master it. Just be sure you really want to commit the time and effort into winning and letting the Force guide you. Frantic stress on the other hand will just lead you to the Dark Side.

Space Chickens Must Die!

Playing arcade shooters demands more of skill, eye-to-hand dexterity and quick instinctive thinking. Dodging a barrage of chicken projectiles while hitting them with your weaponry in real time can either make or break you as a player. However, regardless of all of these, the important thing when playing games (be it an Arcade, RTTS, FPS, RPG or any other game even like Snakes and Ladders, Monopoly and the like) is to have Fun and in the case of Strike Galaxy 2021,
Space Chickens Must Die!

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