The Monstera Games Platform Featured by Google on AdSense for Platforms (AFP)

The Monstera Games Platform Featured by Google on AdSense for Platforms (AFP) large
Our hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed by the bigwigs over at Google, after all!

Since its inception and eventual launch in June of last year, the Monstera Games Platform (MGP) has grown to impressive heights. Not only has it onboarded multiple partners, all of whom are featuring games as content on their websites, but the platform has greatly expanded and diversified its portfolio of HTML 5 games (you can browse through all of our games on MonsteraPlay, offering a lot more embeddable games from a much wider range of genres.

This success is the main reason why the Monstera Games Platform was chosen by Google to be featured as one of their accredited providers (out of the nine total) on their AdSense for Platforms (AFP) website. Feel free to take a look:

So, if you’re looking for games for your website or a way to monetize games without having to learn game development skills to develop any games of your own, you might want to drop by Monstera Games Platform now and check out the kind of win-win solution that we can offer! Plus, the sign-up is free and easy, and our support is always ready to help with any special customization requests.

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