5 Great Hypercasual Games to Play

5 Great Hypercasual Games to Play large
Fans of hypercasual games are definitely recommended to go through this article as we’re here to introduce you to some absolutely superb games that won’t disappoint.

Hypercasual games have absolutely blown up over the past few years. Ever since smartphones have gone mainstream and have become something that pretty much everyone has in their pockets, the rise of hypercasual games has been absolutely meteoric. There have been lots of great games in this genre over the years but there have certainly been some that have managed to stand out from the crowd in terms of quality and execution and, in this article, we’ve picked out four of the absolute best games for you to try out.

The following five hypercasual games are a treat to play and we urge players to give them a shot:

1: Street Jumper

Street Jumper is an absolutely stellar game in which players will get to execute a vast variety of challenging and exhilarating jumps in many kinds of environments, each more challenging than the last. What makes this game so great to play is the fact that it has incredibly simple tap-based controls but, in spite of this, players are still able to pull off some incredible maneuvers while playing it and this is why it’s a game that manages to stand out from the crowd and is worth checking out.

2: Egg Up!

The core gameplay of Egg Up! is quite simple yet each level in the game is able to bring out the best attributes of hypercasual games. Basically, it revolves around you bouncing an egg on various platforms to reach all the way up to the top without falling down. Although the concept of the game is quite fresh in the hypercasual games market, it has proven to be a hit in terms of entertainment, able to keep its players hooked to the screen until they finally get their desired high score.

3: Cannon Balls 3D

Cannon Balls 3D is a game that’s extremely fun to play as it’s filled with destruction and action-packed moments and the best part of it all is that it’s extremely easy to play. All players have to do is time and aim their shots properly and then watch as the various intricate layouts of cubes start to crumble and doing so is an incredibly satisfying experience that’ll constantly have players coming back for more.

4: Helix Stack Jump: Fun & Free Addicting Ball Puzzle

Helix Stack Jump is an insanely popular game that definitely deserves every single bit of praise and popularity it’s received since it surfaced. The game features simple yet captivating gameplay in which players will get to smash through tons upon tons of platforms and the overall experience is an incredibly satisfying one that’s sure to have players returning on a regular basis as they attempt to smash as many platforms as possible.

5: Fire Balls 3D

Last, but not least, there is Fire Balls 3D which is an immensely satisfying arcade game where the player gets to blast down a tower of platforms piece by piece from the base. The fact that you can fire a continuous volley of cannonballs as much as you want while avoiding certain death, really racks up the thrill meter in such a simple concept for a game. At the end of the day, the experience of tearing down a giant tower with a cannon is just too irresistible!

Overall, while the genre of hypercasual games is certainly a vast one, the aforementioned games manage to stand out from the crowd and we highly recommend checking them out if you ever get a chance as they’re simply a cut above the rest.

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